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Castro Elementary School

At Castro Elementary School we provide an exciting and empowering environment that celebrates and nurtures students, teachers, and parents. Castro develops curious and imaginative critical thinkers prepared to be lifelong learners. We strengthen collaborative partnerships with parents and community. Castro inspires culturally responsive students with strong communication skills to succeed in a global society. We nurture high ethical standards within self and others. We are Dedicated to Excellence; not for the returns we may get, but simply because we can’t imagine doing it any other way. We are the Castro Family!

Crawford Elementary

This year we will operate as an innovation school in APS’s ACTION Zone.  This gives us more opportunities to design a school that meets the needs of our students.  Here are some of the changes under our innovation status:

  • Extended School Day 8:00am-3:15pm

  • Every student will receive a literacy intervention or enrichment lesson during the school day

  • We have adjusted our professional learning for teachers so they are in the classroom more and there are less guest teachers teaching students

  • We will develop students’ global leadership skills

  • We have created leadership opportunities for families through Parents in Action and Write Our World Crawford.

Fletcher Elementary

Fletcher Elementary School is located in Aurora Colorado, approximately a mile south of Interstate 70 from the Havana exit. Like much of the Denver Metropolitan area, our community has grown tremendously over the course of just a few years. In order to meet the demanding needs of parents and students in our community, Fletcher Elementary was built during winter, spring and summer of 2000. On September 25, 2000, Fletcher Elementary School opened its doors.


  • In partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver, Montview serves as a Professional Development School for teacher candidates.

  • Parent involvement is encouraged through Family Nights and conferences. PTO holds fundraisers to provide assemblies and supplies.

  • Our dedication to technology can be observed in our classrooms and technology lab, where students operate the latest technological equipment as tools for learning, including every classroom having Promethean technology.

  • Our Affective Education team provides services to students and families to increase productive behavior, problem solving, conflict resolution and resiliency.

Cole Arts & Sciences Academy

Vision – At CASA, children learn to become well-rounded and thoughtful individuals

who are grounded in the values of the school and its community while developing

responsibility for their learning and citizenship.


Mission – Our mission is to have:

  • High-quality instruction that is equitable and focused on creativity and critical thinking for every student.

  • A culture and environment that supports the social and emotional growth of our students and staff.

  • Interactive collaboration between the community, families, students and colleagues.

  • Intentional reflection of our practice in order to pursue excellence in all facets of our vision.

Denver Children's Home

Our on-site school is a therapeutic, educational, and positive socio-emotional environment that contributes to the success of the children and teens in our educational program. Bansbach Academy is accredited by Advanced Ed and the Colorado Department of Education. Core academics are combined with programs that promote self-sufficiency, leadership development, entrepreneurship and character development.

Classes are small (average 8 – 10 students) and are led by a special education teacher with support from a Youth Treatment Counselor.

Gilpin Montessori Elmentary School

Gilpin Elementary

Gilpin Montessori School serves a diverse community of students beginning at age 3 through 6th grade and is the only public Montessori school in the Five Points/Curtis Park area. Our students work in a hands-on, multi-age learning environment anchored by the internationally successful Montessori curriculum that encourages development of a concrete foundation of knowledge about the diverse world in which we live

Gilpin Montessori Elmentary School

Paris Elementary

We explore the world by asking questions, gathering and examining evidence and using what we learned to draw conclusions.

We select and apply different ways to communicate our ideas and collaborate with the world.

We recognize, articulate, and seek to understand different ways of thinking.

We translate our ideas, concerns, and findings into ways to improve the world.

School Events

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