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Our Curriculum 

Helmet Heads has designed a well-defined community-based education program with the objective to engage and teach second grade students about helmet safety and proper helmet use. Our curriculum is divided into 3 separate parts:  


  • Presentation: Initially, volunteers present a PowerPoint that outlines the importance of protecting our brains and uses role-models in sports as examples to encourage helmet use.  

  • Demonstration: We then provide a visual demonstration of the effectiveness of helmets with the Coconut Crusher. We use this structure to drop a weight on a coconut, with and without a helmet. This portrays the importance of helmets in protecting our “coconuts” from trauma-related accidents.  

  • Finally, we provide every student with fitted, age-appropriate helmets and teach them appropriate use. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide early safety interventions by working with young, intelligent and impressionable children and providing them safety education and access to helmets. Every year, Helmet Heads visits second grade classrooms in Title 1 Schools across Denver and Aurora to present our well-defined, community-based curriculum about helmet safety in order to reduce the rate of preventable head injuries in this population.  

What We Do

Helmet Heads was founded in 2010 by Dr. Bruce Evans while he was attending the Executive M.B.A. program at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.  Bruce had the idea to establish a community outreach program that delivers free recreational use helmets within educational fairs to elementary students in Title I schools here in Denver.  Helmet Heads started delivering helmets in its first year at Fletcher Elementary School. In 2015, Helmet Heads received its 501(c)(3) status. 

Since its inception, Helmet Heads has worked with over 15 schools and programs in the front range and has provided over 5600 helmets.

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