Kristina Hulen


Kristina Hulen is third year medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a career as a family medicine physician. She is a Colorado native and attended University of Colorado Boulder to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Physiology. In her pastime, she enjoys skiing, biking, climbing, and camping around Colorado. She is dedicated to health and access to physical recreation, and her prior experience includes research in neurodevelopment and volunteering for several adaptive sports companies in Boulder, CO. Kristina is committed to promoting helmet safety awareness and education so that younger generations can continue to play and explore the outdoors.

Nick Losier

Vice President


Nick Losier leads Business Intelligence and Analytics efforts for a Colorado based oil and gas company, Whiting Petroleum Corporation. Nick's first experience with Helmet Heads came while earning his Executive MBA at Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver as part of a social capital impact project. A Colorado native, Nick is passionate about the value of encouraging children to thrive in the great outdoors through activities like biking, and teaching the importance of helmet safety.  Nick lives in Colorado with his wife and two children, and looks forward to teaching his young kids to ski and bike while protecting their precious noggins with helmets!

Talia Scott


Talia Scott is a third year medical student at the University of Colorado planning on a career in anesthesia. She was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado enjoying the breathtaking outdoors. She grew up with peers who suffered from head injuries during winter sports, leading her to care deeply about spreading the message of helmet safety. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a double major in Neuroscience and Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. As a former ballet teacher who is now studying medicine, she is passionate about the health care and education of kids. Her hobbies include ballet, yoga, drawing, and hiking with her puppy Tucker.

Justin Hellwinkel

Past ​President

Justin Hellwinkel is a 4th year medical student at the University of Colorado, with a future focus in orthopaedic surgery.  He was born and raised in upstate New York before migrating to colorful Colorado for undergraduate studies at CU Boulder.  There he received duel degrees in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology as well as Integrative Physiology.  He went on to complete a Masters of Science degree from CU Boulder in Neuroscience.  He has published numerous articles in medical journals to advance the understanding of brain tumors and neurotrauma.  In his free time he enjoys skiing, riding BMX, mountain biking, ultramarathon running, and hiking mountains around Colorado.  Helmets have played a large role in his hobbies and he is very passionate about advocating their use to prevent brain injuries.

Sean Ribble


Sean Ribble is a Vice President of Commercial Banking with ANB Bank. Originally from Texas, Sean transitioned to Colorado in 2005 to attend Colorado State University, and is currently enrolled in the University Of Colorado Graduate School Of Banking Executive Development Program. Sean is passionate about utilizing his financial expertise to help organizations such as Helmet Heads positively impact local communities. A firm believer in generating greater awareness around the dangers and prevention of traumatic brain injuries, he is committed to helping Helmet Heads to continually grow and expand toward its long-term vision. In his free time, Sean enjoys back-country skiing, hiking, trail running, cycling, and all things outdoors.

Bruce Evans, M.D.


Dr. Evans is an Emergency Medicine physician with Kaiser and Saint Joseph Hospital.  He is a skier and snow-border who has seen, first-hand, how helmets save lives.  His interest in helmets and head injuries dates back to his days as a professional ski patroller.  As a teacher at the CU School of Medicine, he developed an evidenced-based review on the important benefits of safety helmets back in 2004; "Helmet Heads" was born!  Since that time, Dr. Evans, who was teaching Emergency Medicine as an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado when he developed the program, has helped Helmet Heads deliver over ten thousand bike/skate helmets to kids in the poorest communities across Denver-Metro front range.  He is pragmatic about Helmet Heads; he believes that saving even one child from a serious head injury will more than justify the efforts of the non-profit and all-volunteer team that makes up Helmet Heads.  Dr. Evans skis Mary Jane and Arapahoe Basin with his kids with his kids every chance he gets, and they always wear their ski helmets!

Former Board Members

Jennifer Larson

Miles Pimentel